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BLOCK by Missouri Star Quilt Company is a magazine we design, produce, and publish all in house here at MSQC! There are no ads, not a single one. We take tutorials that Mom has done on YouTube and write the patterns, then make the quilts out of new fabric and write stories and guides to go along with them. Lots of photos, ideas for projects, and patterns all written out, 10 of them, in every issue! If you don't love it, send it back, we'll give you a refund, but don't worry, you'll love it! :) - (Look below for BLOCK Corrections)

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Winter  2014

Early Spring 2014

Summer 2014

Fall 2014

We love everything about this, the new fabric, the photos look great, the layout, even the shape of the magazine is unique, it's something we don't see out there anywhere, and as usual, each pattern or idea in here has an accompanying tutorial online, so you get the best of both worlds! Not to mention we cut the price of our magazine / look book by 40% (we are really good at being scrappy!) and we are really happy with it, and are sure you will be too! PLEASE give it a try!
Just to catch you up, our first magazine cuttoff was February 22nd, if you subscribed on the 23rd, you wouldn't have gotten the first magazine, but you would be setup to get the second magazine. If you still wanted the first magazine, you can get it here as a normal product in the shop, but it can't ship to you straight from the printer.
Our second magazine cuttoff was April 10th, if you subscribed on the 12th, you won't be getting the April issue, but the June issue will come right to you. Does that make sense? Also, once you subscribe, we'll keep your info on file to ship that magazine every other month until you hit the snooze button to skip a month or until you cancel your subscription (both on this page).
Pretty cool right? Let us know if you have any questions!
The Missouri Star Quilt Co. Team
Corrections from previous issues here
***International Customers***
Although we love international customers, unfortunately we don't have an international subscription option for Block Magazine. But you can buy the issues one off from the website like a normal product here. Alternatively, we offer a digital download if you don't want to pay for shipping which is a bit less expensive still :)

Holiday 2014

Late Summer 2014

See the video tutorial and get the products for projects from our latest issue.


Winter 2015


Early Spring 2015


Late Summer 2015


Summer 2015