Pardon our mistakes!

Check below for clarification and additions on instructions from the Volume 4 Issue 1 of "BLOCK."

Simple Diamonds

Pages 78:

We had a numbering issue with this. The number 3 was left out but all the text was right. 


Super Easy Hour Glass

Pages 86:

Should Read:
#5 stepout - Open the units and press. Square each to 6¼". 

Cornered Drunkard's Path Corrections

Pages 68:

Should Read:

Under cut, the first bulleted paragraph should read as follows:

(9) 7¾" strips across the width of the fabric. Subcut each of the strips into (5) 7¾" squares for a total of 42 squares.

Note: If you have already cut the solid fabric into 7½" squares, use the template provided to cut the circles rather than the ruler. Trace the template onto a folded piece of freezer paper to make the correct size. The circle will not quite measure 7½" but will work nicely.

Under Fuse, mark, and cut, the first paragraph should read as follows:

Press the sold squares to the fusible web and trim the fusible evenly with the edges of each square. Place the Easy Circle Cut Ruler on the paper backing and draw a half circle using the 7" slot. Fold the square in half and cut on the drawn line. When you unfold the piece, you will have a 7½" circle.