Pardon our mistakes!

Check below for clarification on instructions from the June 2014 issue of "BLOCK."

American Classic

Page 21:
Diagram of Blue Row is incomplete
It should be like this:
Page 92:
Sashing/Inner Border column
Twin 1¼  yds
Queen 2½ yds
It should read:
Twin 1¾ yds
Queen 3¼ yds


Ladies Luncheon

Simple Joys

Pages 52 &95:
BACKING for Queen size
6¾ yds
It should read:
BACKING for Queen size
7½ yds


Starlight, Starbright

Page 96 chart shows:
It should read:


Page 96:
The size and backing for the Throw reads:
47 x 65
3 yds
It should read:
51½ x 65
3⅓ yds


Sweet Harvest

Page 98:
The chart has changed to:


Pop Fly

Page 12 should read:

Step 1:

Cut an additional (2) 2½” strips from the outer border fabric for a total of 42 strips.


Tumbler Bag