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Check below for clarification and additions on instructions from the August 2014 issue of "BLOCK."

Disappearing Hourglass

Pages 20 & 91:
Bella Solids Snow (11)
It should read:
Bella Solids Bleached White (98)
In order to have the full 42 print Jelly Roll strips needed for the project, purchase an extra ¼ yd of the outer border fabric. Cut (2) 2½” strips to use in creating the blocks. There should be plenty of solid 2½” leftover strips from cutting “A” Sets that no additional background fabric is needed.


Chopped Block

Tag Team Quilt

Page 28, 29, & 98:
1 cut

Cut (18) printed charm squares. You now have (72) 2 1/2" print squares.   
It should read:
Cut (36) printed charm squares You now have (144) 2 1/2" print squares

Step 3, second paragraph:
Feed a square and a rectangle RST...
It should read:

Feed a small & large square pair RST...


1/2 charm pack print
It should read:

1 charm pack print


Page 85: Additional Information


Step 3: Sew


Lay the smaller inside square on top of the larger back square RST (right sides together). Start with the top. Line up the raw edges, pin the centers and continue pinning along the edge from the center out. Sew a ¼" seam from the center out, stopping ¼" before the small square’s corner. Backstitch at the end. Repeat for the other side of the seam starting in the middle. Next, repeat the process of sewing from center out on the bottom edge, lining up the center pins and raw edges. Repeat again on one side.

The larger square will “bunch” behind the smaller square and form bunny ears at the corners.

For the last side, leave a 5" opening in the middle, backstitching on both sides of the opening.


Self-Binding Baby Blanket

Page 60, Step 2:
Begin with the print JR
It should read:

Begin by cutting (2) 2½” WOF strips from the outer border fabric. Add these to the print JR strips. Total: 42 WOF print strips.


Page 61, end of Step 2

(You will need to use leftovers from cutting A sets.)